Achieve your GOALS

Coach Nick and I have been friends for a long time.

He has helped me through 3 different shows.

Every show was victorious, including my most recent win where Nick helped me take my pro card in classic physique division at the NPC Jr Nationals in Chicago, IL.

I chose Nick due to his knowledge. His wide range of experience allowed me to have full faith in each step of the process.

He was also very good at explaining details in the process and why we do certain things.

Nick was a specialist in my conditioning prep. Till this day I’ve never met somebody that’s more into the sport of bodybuilding than Nick.

His true passion and love for the sport reflect on others and inspire others to do great things in the sport. Nick always had faith in me and I’ll never forget when he told me that it was my time to take the pro-card.

It seems logical now but this was during the time while I was dealing with difficulty in my life and the dream seemed far.

Thank you for knowledge and motivation that enabled me to achieve great success and help many others.

Dusan Krstic, IFBB Classic Physique Pro athlete

In 2006 I decided to prepare for the National Championship.

What had to be done as a start was to make a plan to prepare.

The ultimate goal was to become a champion in my category, and this is achieved with guidance,

accurate judgment and a good eye of a coach.

My acquaintance with Nick as my coach made this goal a reality.

The road to the championship title wasn’t easy, free spins but thanks to Nick I managed not only physically but also mentally.

After the success achieved at the national level, my dreams to appear did not fade.

After less than 7 months, my appearance at the 16th Balkan Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship showed that our team is winning again.

The preparation was harder, but the goals were higher too!

Thanks to the already accumulated individual knowledge and experience towards me, my coach Nikola created

from me a Balkan champion in the category up to 80 kg. in 2007.

I thank him for being my coach and wish him all the success he deserves moving forward!

Thank you Nick!!!

Borislav Muhtarov, Balkan Champion

Choosing Nick as a coach has been a life changing decision for me. It was that time of my life when I needed something new and challenging.

I wanted to do one show out of curiosity to see how far I can really push myself but I needed the help of professional.

I didn’t know anything about bodybuilding at that time.

I remember our first talk. I told him “I’ll give my best, I’ll follow strictly everything but I want to win!”

Since then we did 6 shows. We won 4 first places in my bikini class and 2 overall wins.

Working with Nick gave me the knowledge and the confidence I needed! He has an extremely professional and strict work ethic!

He not only taught me the proper way to lift and diet, his unbreakable strong mindset is something I admire, believe and learned to apply myself.

Based on his precise meal and workout plans along with the supplement program, I was able to achieve incredible results in very short period of time.

All that with absolutely no harm to my health and for that reason I completely trust him and will continue having him as my coach for as long as I compete.

To me Nick Is and will be the best coach!

The one who helped me take my first steps into the bodybuilding and achieve my goals. For that I will always be grateful!

Petya Dangulova, NPC Overall Champion